1. Artwork: Must be black and white camera ready with border lines or electronic (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw.) We can produce artwork from you sketch at a rate of $50.00 per hour.
  2. Cancellations: Cancelled orders will be charged for any work completed at the time of cancellation plus $25.00 (net) cancellation fee.
  3. Claims: Claims must be made within 30 days fo the invoice date.
  4. Corrections: Any corrections of an order in process will incur charges for work completed at time of the correction.
  5. Dies: There is a one-time charge (if applicable-see price list.) Dies will be maintained for two years.
  6. Overruns/Underruns: We reserve the right to ship and invoice 5% over or under quantity ordered.
  7. Packaging: Items are individually poly bagged. Special packaging is available. Call for quotation.
  8. Paper Cards: Pins can be attached to a custom printed or plain card. Please contact our facility for a quote on your specifications.
  9. Pricing: Subject to change without notice.
  10. Returned Goods: Authorization must be obtained prior to return of merchandise.
  11. Shipping: FOB our facility in Mississippi. Your order will be shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise instructed in writing.
  12. Split/drop shipping: $5.00 per location over one.
  13. Trademarks/Copyrights: Dixieland Emblematics assumes clients are authorized to use trademarks/ copyrights given to us to reproduce. We assume no responsibility in trademark/copyright disputes.
All of our products are custom-made. The items shown in this catalog are not for sale, but are examples of the type and quality of work we have done. We do not intend to represent that the products are endorsed by or produced for the owners of the artwork, designs, or trademarks.